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General Information

About Us

Far West Maps & Books, formerly Far West Trading Company, is owned and operated by Myron and Kimberley West of Cheyenne Wyoming. We have been involved in different aspects of the antique business for the last 30 years, with the last 15 years being devoted to antiquarian maps. We handle items from the last four centuries, covering all parts of the world, with an emphasis on 19th century maps of the American west.

Starting in 1997, Far West Maps maintained an open store in the historic district of downtown Cheyenne. Due to a major fire and the subsequent disruption of business, our retail shop was closed in 2006. We have exhibited at various map, book, and antique fairs for many years. To see our exhibition schedule, click the link at the top of the page.

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Grading Criteria

The condition statements for each map will attempt to mention every noteworthy fault and describe the map fully. In addition, we use a grading system based on letter marks, from A to F.

  • (A) Excellent. A map that is graded as an A+ will exhibit all the finest attributes for a given type of map, with essentially no discernible faults. Copperplate engravings will be crisp, with wide clean margins. All hand color will be authentic and vibrant. The paper will be sound and clean. An A- grade will indicate minor faults that do not affect the overall soundness of the paper or the ability to display as a prime example.
  • (B) Very Good. The grade of B+ indicates that a map will display as a prime example, but may have faults such as minor closed tears, unobtrusive staining or toning, or other faults that are not readily visible. When an item is graded as B-, it will contain faults that are discernable on close examination, such as a center-fold tone or an edge tear entering the printed area.
  • (C) Good. Maps that are given a grade of C have tears, stains or other faults that are obvious to the trained eye, but may not detract from decorative value.
  • (D) Fair. If a map is rated as a D, it has flaws that are easily seen and might exclude it from consideration by a discerning collector. A map that is graded D will have at least one major flaw.
  • (F) Poor. Unless it is exceedingly rare, we donít sell items that rate F.

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Packaging & Shipping

Most maps are housed in archival mylar encapsulation sleeves and will be shipped with the sleeve. Maps will generally be shipped flat, with some larger maps rolled loosely in a tube. Some folding maps will be shipped folded as issued. All purchases will be shipped using your choice of shipper. For USPS Priority, the base shipping rate is $10. For UPS 2-3 day shipping, the base rate is $15. If Fed-Ex 1-2 day is your choice, the basic rate is $20. If you prefer more economical shipping such as Media Mail, items may be shipped at cost. Multiple items will be combined when possible. Far West Maps will provide insurance on all shipped items.

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Payment Methods

Acceptable methods of payment are credit card, check, money order, or Paypal in US dollars. Due to security concerns, credit card information should be provided in multiple emails, or by phone. Far West Maps will not retain credit card information, except through special arrangement. Established clients may request items to be sent on approval.

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Returns and Refunds

Satisfaction is fully guaranteed on all purchases. Refunds must be requested within 10 days of receipt of item. Unless an item differs from the description in a material manner, buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

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Myron & Kimberley West

Far West Maps & Books

3422 Monroe Avenue

Cheyenne Wyoming 82001


(alternate phone # 307-638-2396)

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